Patient Billing

Hospital, Urgent Care, Surgery, Home Health, Hospice Billing

Evalue Benefit offers a complete assessment of the practice/ hospital billing functions to plug any loop holes in the existing system. We specialize in Hospital, Urgent care, Surgery, Radiology, Home health, Hospice and Other specialty based medical billing and coding. The day to day activities of a busy medical practice make it difficult for you to keep up with rapidly changing healthcare requirements and regulations. In order to keep up with the latest updates, you need a resourceful and knowledgeable partner in service. That is where Evalue Benefit’s Billing Solution`s state of art medical billing services can walk you through.We focus on your bottom- line and make sure you are paid the right amount for all the services. Our Revenue Cycle Management program is designed specifically to increase re-imbursements for you.

EvalueBenefit, takes care of your business needs by tracking medical insurance billing records, electronic claims, paper claims, patient statements, pre-insurance verification, medical coding needs, etc. Thus leaving room for you to concentrate on expansion of your core business.

We manage all your claims.

  • When you use our billing services, we will provide you with access to our internet based medical billing software that you can access from any location with an internet connection.
  • Your office can continue to take care of patient scheduling, filling up of registration information.
  • We do the medical coding of diagnosis and procedures, demographic verification, insurance verification, charge posting and electronic claim submission.
  • We perform all the work flow associated with charge verification and electronic claims submission.
  • Denial management, payment posting and follow-up of unpaid claims.
  • You have a dedicated team assigned with an account manager to take care of all your billing needs.
  • We believe in transparency of work and you have access to all reports and the billing system.
  • We do the patient billing and handle all queries from the patient.
  • You pay us only a minimal- agreed upon percentage on the basis of the total collection/receivable per month.